Technology and engineering

Agam Haifa

Agam Haifa has at its disposal engineering teams and teams of Computer Numerical Control (C.N.C) programmers who insist on the accuracy of the products as well as reducing risks in production processes, the factory performs laser cutting 2.5-6.5 meters (6kw), bending up to 1000 tons for thicknesses of up to 40 mm and lengths of up to 8 meters. In addition, pressing and punching metals using the CNC machines.

The factory has a strict quality control and assurance system, which maintains the quality of the product.

Agam Ma'alot

The factory provides various components and assemblies for civilian industrial customers in the fields of green energy, water and electricity, including infrastructure components for complex systems, transformers, filters, parts for converting passenger planes and more.

The factory’s customers benefit from advanced engineering and planning services, in combination with the production lines constitute a comprehensive solution that includes the planning of the product from the first stages through the supervision of the various production stages until receiving the finished product.

Agam security

Agam employs a special team of engineers specializing in the development of multidisciplinary products, according to the customer’s specifications or the characterization of the need.

Knowledge-intensive products can include various disciplines such as: pure mechanics, electricity, communication, hydraulics, pneumatics, automation, and kinematics.

The factory team manages complex projects using modern methods and according to ISO (International Standardization for Organization) aviation requirements and can employ subcontractors to manage outsourced projects from various engineering fields.

Agam templates

Agam’s system of industrial molds is built with a width of about 10 cm, with a high level of flatness that lasts throughout several projects. The beams are built from omegas and therefore maintain the flatness of the template in the project. The structure of the system produces sharp and straight corners and has a radial threaded screw and a welded cone that is used for quick and simple opening.

Shrinkable corner molds with lock that maintain a rigid cell and diagonals with maximum precision. The factory templates present exactly the level to which the company aspires – stronger, faster, and more efficient.

Agam flame cutting

The factory specializes in providing metal cutting services using flame, plasma cutting technologies (including cutting up to 300 mm), rolling and drilling.

Agam flame Cutting has the technology and the ability to provide customized quality solutions, we also provide the customer with a top-level engineering department, which enables the management of projects that include welding and sheet metal handling, a team that provides follow-up as well as close engineering supervision on the factory premises.

Agam Adri

Agam Adri is a company specializing in steel works and infrastructure construction. The company’s specialization includes work in a variety of fields – construction, manufacturing steel bridges, building and maintaining infrastructure, manufacturing light and heavy frames, building railings for bridges, manufacturing molds, etc.

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