About Agam Plants Corporation Ltd

The Agam group of companies is a private family group, which was established in 1972 by the brothers Gideon, Amos and Eldad Meir, and is one of the leading groups in Israel and works with companies around the world, to plan, manufacture products, and carry out works and projects in the metal industry.

Since its beginning, the group has earned a reputation for excellence, reliability, punctuality, quality and professionalism both in Israel and abroad.

The group operates as a combination of four large manufacturing plants and employs over 400 people, and is managed by a main management, which includes the group’s CEO, the CFO, and the three CEOs of the factories.

Company benefits

History: The Agam factories complex was founded in 1972, with a reputation of 50 years of experience, the complex developed and became the spearhead and backbone of Israeli industry on all levels, in Israel and around the world.

The quality stamp of the company can be seen today everywhere: infrastructures, roads, bridges, high-rise buildings, tunnels, heavy constructions, defense industries and more.

The complex has 4 metal production and processing plants with a total area of ​​about 60,000 square meters, which concentrate the best modern and most advanced technology in cutting, processing, punching, bending, welding iron, steel, and special metals, in various thicknesses and sizes.

The integration has engineering departments that offer the best production solutions, including cost and feasibility calculations for the project and/or product, while saving costs and considering the customer’s needs and the required schedules.

The company, its managers and 400 employees are bound by a code of ethics and strict procedures that obligate us to provide the highest level of service and quality to the group’s customers in Israel and around the world.

Founders: The late Shmuel Meir established the Hash Metal Works in 1944 in the Haifa Bay. At the time, it was the first factory of its kind that marked a milestone in the field and marked its path as a pioneer in the metal industry in Israel. In 1972, his sons, Amos, Gideon and Eldad Meir joined in the development of the business, this is how the Agam company was born.


Management and board members:

Mr. Yossi Antorg – chairman of the company, served as chairman and CEO of Clal Sakhar and Zaevi Hazkot, CEO of Sonol and CEO of Dor Energy
The Meir family – Amos, Gideon and Eldad Meir. (owners of the company)
Mr. Eldad Meir has been the CEO of the company since 1998.
Accountant Zvika Rosenblum – CFO of the company
Ido Meir – CEO of the Ma’alot plant and the Flame cutting plant
Leon Teller – CEO of a tin processing plant
Yuval For – Manager of the Ma’alot template field
Eran Adri – CEO of Agam Adri Engineering and Infrastructure

Agam has a significant competitive advantage, thanks to the combination of many years of experience, brilliant management, talented employees, and a winning strategy. The main part of the company’s strategy is to provide its customers with comprehensive solutions starting from the initial processing stage until receiving a painted and finished product. (TURN-KEY) Providing the services in one place allows the customer critical savings in logistics costs and even better control over the quality of the products. The extensive experience and knowledge gained by the group over the years, allows to carry out all types of work and projects, both the most complex and with high levels of precision in large production volumes and while meeting deadlines.

The company makes sure to update its employees with the latest technological innovations in the field, to purchase state-of-the-art equipment that enables the execution of a full range of works and projects, including processing, cutting, bending, and punching large-scale and thick parts. The equipment available to the company includes, among others, laser cutting machines, flame and plasma cutting machines, punching machines, a variety of bending machines, carousels, pipe cutting machines, a welding robot, processing machines, wet painting systems that include heat control, an electrostatic painting system, as well as systems Cleaning alumina oxide and steel grains.

The group has at its disposal 3 main centers of activity, which are managed as independent profit centers which are held in three large factories in the north of the country:

A factory of advanced technologies in tin processing in Haifa Bay – engages in laser cutting 2.5-6.5 meters (6kw), bending up to 1000 tons to thicknesses of up to 40 mm and reaches a length of up to 8 meters, in addition metal pressing and punching technology using precise CNC machines. The activity is carried out on a variety of different metals such as steel (including stainless steel) and aluminum, which includes finishes such as sand and grain cleaning, passivation, and painting.

Flame cutting factory in Acre – the factory specializes in providing metal cutting services using flame and plasma cutting technologies (including cutting up to 300 mm), rolling and drilling.

The projects factory in Ma’alot – the factory specializes in the design, production, marketing and installation of products, systems, and projects for civilian and military customers. Customers are provided with engineering and planning services by a professional team according to the customer’s requirements, so that they can receive an ideal solution starting from the design of the product in its first stages through supervision of the various production stages until receiving a final product, including painting according to strict specifications. The factory performs all types of work, starting with a simple frame and ending with complicated assemblies (TURN-KEY). The variety of products and works of the factory can be divided into three main product families:

Military equipment and protection: the factory is a recognized supplier of the Ministry of Defense, Pelsan Sasa and Ram”ta and it produces components and assemblies for the IDF and for foreign armies. The components include shielding and various items for vehicles, trucks as well as training bombs for airplanes.

Civilian equipment: The factory provides various components and assemblies for civilian industrial customers in the fields of green energy (water and electricity) including infrastructure components for complex systems, transformers, filters, parts for converting passenger planes and more.

Construction equipment: the factory produces a wide variety of molds for industrialized and prefabricated construction, including molds for bridges and high-rise buildings.

The company contributes to the environment by producing various components for green energy companies, mainly in the fields of solar and geothermal energy as well as components for water filtration and purification systems.

Management Team

איש צוות

Mr. Yossi Antorg

Chairman of the integration

איש צוות

Eldad Meir

CEO of the integration

איש צוות

Accountant Zvika Roznblom

The CFO of the integration

איש צוות

Leon Telar

CEO of a tin processing plant

איש צוות

Ido Meir

CEO of Agam Ma’alot
and Agam flame cutting

איש צוות

Yuval Fur

Manger of Agam
templates Ma’alot

איש צוות

Eran Edri

CEO of Agam Edri and
Engineering and infrastructure

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